Online Mastering

Mastering is the final stage in making a record. Where we pull all the tracks together into a consistent whole, and bring the level up to commercial standards. Using our mastering-grade monitoring chain, high-end, hand-picked analogue chain and the finest digital tools available, we can surgically correct mix issues and bring your tracks to life.

Whether you need a pumped up, hard-hitting dancefloor shaker or a warm, organic tone for a delicate acoustic masterpiece, we use the tools and techniques to bring out the best in your tracks.

All new clients are eligible for a free mastering sample.

Online Mastering rates

Mastering gets easier with every track. That’s why our rates operate on a sliding scale. The more tracks you need, the cheaper they get.

1-4 tracks £30 per track
5-9 tracks £28 per track
10+ tracks £25 per track
Instrumental & alternate versions £5 per track
DDP image £15
mp3 mastering £5 per track
Vinyl mastering £10 per track

All rates include up to five mastering revisions, and one mix revision. Files are delivered as CD quality WAV – 44.1kHz, 16 bit – as standard. Other formats available on request. Extras charged at the rates above. Contact us for a full quote.

CD mastering

We can provide production ready CDR masters for short runs of professionally duplicated CDs (<500). These are fully RedBook compliant, including PQ encoding, ISRC encoding and CD Text encoding. All CDs are burnt using Plextor CD drives and professional grade Taio Yuden stock, error checked using Plextor’s diagnostic tools.

mp3 mastering

Like it or not, mp3s and other lossy formats are part of the musical landscape. Despite what some may claim, even high quality mp3s (320kbps) don’t sound the same as CD. The encoding changes the sound and can even result in distortion.

By auditioning the codec in real-time, we can make adjustments to ensure you get the best sounding mp3 – as free from encoding artefacts as possible – for distribution on your website, Bandcamp, or anywhere else you have control over the file your fans download.

Vinyl mastering

The techniques used to bring tracks to commercial levels in digital formats don’t play well with vinyl. If you’re pressing on wax, we recommend getting a separate set of pre-masters that use minimal A/D clipping and no brickwall limiting, leaving the cutting engineer room to adjust what he needs for the best possible result on his particular lathe.

Before/After mastering samples

Want to hear the difference mastering can make? The tracks on the left are the mixes as we received them, and on the right are the final product. Louder, yes. But also warmer, fatter and richer. When we master, we bring out the music, not just the level.

Before mastering

After mastering

Uploading files for mastering

If you’re ready to go, simply send your files to with your favourite large file transfer system – we recommend along with the following details:

  • Artist name
  • Release title
  • Track titles
  • Running order
  • ISRC codes (if you have them)
  • Any notes you may have
  • Any references you can provide

File delivery specs

Please ensure you send your mixdowns ready for mastering:

  • As stereo interleaved, 24 bit WAV or AIFF
  • At the sample rate your project is in
  • With 3dB headroom – or at least no clipping
  • With master limiters switched off

Any questions, simply email us on or call Nick on 07795 484452.