Online Mixing

Award-winning, professional online mixing to get your tracks to commercial standard, with mastering included – for that ‘finished record’ sound. We see mixing as a craft, so we take pride in our mastering-grade monitoring chain – we hear details other mix engineers don’t.

We mix in the box, which means we can work fast, at affordable rates, and easily make amendments. But we’ve been careful to choose only the highest standard plug-ins, including the renowned TC Electronic Powercore 6000 reverbs.

Give your tracks more space, warmth, depth and punch. Get in touch and talk to us about your mixing project.

Online mixing rates

We like to keep things simple, so we keep our rates flat. No worrying about the clock on our watch.

Up to 32 instrument channels £130 per track
Up to 64 instrument channels £175 per track
64+ instrument channels £200 per track

All rates include mastering as standard, so you walk away with a finished product.

Uploading files for mixing

Please send your files for online mixing to using or your favourite alternative. Files will need to be individual exports for each instrument channel (stems) supplied to the following specifications:

  • 24 bit WAV/AIFF at the same sample rate as your project
  • No clipping on any channel
  • No effects unless integral to the sound i.e. ‘creative’ effects like delays, modulations etc. Generally no EQ or compression. If in doubt, send wet & dry versions
  • Each stem clearly labelled
  • All stems starting at 0:00 of the project

Please also include your rough mix, any notes you have and any references you think would be useful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.