Our Part in the Mercedes ‘Sound With Power’ Campaign

You might have seen this on TV recently.

It premiered during X Factor on Saturday, in what is probably the biggest ad slot in the UK (other than the final). The sound design was all done by our friends and clients Ithaca Audio, the online mash-up kings. We had nothing to do with the TV ad.

But. There is a strong digital element to this campaign. Users can log on to soundwithpower.mercedes-benz.co.uk and choose between a wide range of sounds and samples to create their own mash-ups similar to the TV ad. The best creation will be shown on telly as part of the follow up campaign.

We’re proud to say that we mastered all the material for the interactive online version.

That’s all we’ll say for now, but there will be a blog post soon with some observations about the lessons that can be learnt from the workflow of this kind of project – lots of material, very short deadlines. Very similar to the experience we had mixing a Spanish language feature film recently.

Until then, enjoy making your mash-ups!

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