Izotope RX 3


Izotope have gone from little known plug-in manufacturers to one of the top research and development houses in audio.

Their dithering and sample rate conversion algorithms are second-to-none, and we use them almost exclusively. But we also use two of their software packages – Ozone 5 for mastering and RX 3 for restoration.

Ozone 5

Ozone 5 is another all-purpose mastering plug-in (similar to the TC MD3). It contains modules for EQ, multiband dynamics (compression, expansion, limiting), multiband harmonic excitement, multiband stereo image editor, mastering reverb, loudness maximisation and dithering.

It has a reputation for home, amateur mastering, but in the right hands it is entirely capable of producing slick, professional masters. Personally we prefer other options, but it’s a good tool to have lying around – sometimes the IRC III limiter algorithm really is the only thing that will do it, or the multiband exciter is the only way to pull a vocal out of a mix.

If you don’t have it anywhere else, the MBit+ dithering algorithm is easily the best sounding dither around. It’s often bundled with other software, but if you don’t have it anywhere else, it’s probably worth the price of admission alone.

RX 3

Izotope RX 3 is a fully featured audio restoration suite operating as both a standalone program and in plug-in form. It features denoiser, declicker, decrackler, declipper and spectral repair modules, alongside its best-in-class sample rate conversion.

It has gained such a reputation since its release that it has become an industry standard in mastering, post-production and forensic audio, possibly even overtaking the previous (and much more costly) standard CEDAR.

The processing in RX 3 is within the realms of ‘magic’, cleaning up audio with more transparency than one would think possible.

It’s great for tidying up those little clicks and even lipsmacks in music, but it really comes into its own in audio post-production. We’ve spent days making on-set film audio cleaner than anyone thought possible – audio that a few years ago would have simply been unusable.

RX 3 really can make miracles happen.