Sonnox plug-ins


Alongside TC Electronic, Sonnox is synonymous with high-end quality when it comes to plug-ins for both mixing and mastering.

We use four of their plug-ins for mixing, mastering and audio post-production: Sonnox EQ, Sonnox Inflator, Sonnox Limiter and the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec.

Sonnox EQ

The Sonnox EQ is an early classic of digital EQs, and still easily one of the best out there. Featuring four different characters, it can act as an extremely high quality console EQ, surgical EQ or broad, tone-shaping mastering EQ, with an almost analogue character.

Beautiful in a mix, it’s also a tighter, punchier alternative to the TC Electronic MD3 EQ when digital EQ is required for mastering.

Sonnox Inflator

Although suspicious on the whole of one slider ‘magic boxes’, the Inflator really is that. OK, it actually has four sliders, but the reality is that 3 of them are rarely used.

Exactly what the Inflator does is a closely guarded secret, but it has a very similar effect to harmonic exciters and we view it in the same way.

Used sparingly it can help to bring up loudness without compression, add depth and add excitement as required.

Not used often, but absolutely invaluable on occasion – or used instead of HEDD processing for harmonic density without the analogue character.

Sonnox Limiter

The Sonnox Limiter is one of our favourite limiters. Designed as an analogue style ‘soft’ limiter rather than a brickwall, the Sonnox definitely has a ‘character’ to it – but a lovely one.

Using the highly flexible attack, release and knee controls it can be used to really sculpt transients, particularly in the low end by introducing slight pumping.

Possibly the most often used limiter on modern productions, you can hear its sound plastered over records of any genre.

Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec

With mp3s sadly here to stay, the Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec is a welcome development. It allows us to audition mp3 encoding in real-time, making it possible to make adjustments to compensate for clipping, loss of space, harshness and that all too familiar squashed sound.

Until encoding is unified across all the online stores, most distributors (rightly) don’t accept mp3s, but when you’re in control of your own (such as on Bandcamp) we can make the mp3s more closely resemble the CD masters, and provide a better listening experience for your fans.