Online mastering rates

Our online mastering rates include up to three mastering revisions, and one mix revision. Files are delivered as CD quality WAV – 44.1kHz, 16 bit – as standard. Other formats available on request, with extras charged at the rates below.

Mastering for digital £50 per track
DDP image £25 per disc
Vinyl pre-master £10 additional per track
Instrumental & alternate versions £10 per track

Online mixing rates

Our online mixing rates are based on a day rate of £250, which roughly translates to one complex mix (e.g. full band recording), but can be more with sparse arrangements. We are happy to agree the fee up-front, and cap it at that. Bulk discounts are considered for album and EP projects, and mastering is included as standard. Please contact us for a quote.

Audio post-production rates

Our usual audio post-production rate is £250 per day. But we’re happy to discuss budgets of all shapes and sizes. Contact us and ask for a quote.